HELISECURITE: the number one of riviera helicopter transportation


HELI SECURITE was founded in 1992 by our CEO Dominique Romet and since then it has become the leading helicopter charter company in France. HELI SECURITE is a team of more than 40 professionals (pilots, engineers, and ground personnel). We are an IATA member airline.


We aim to serve our clients with excellence and provide them with the best possible charter flight services. We focus in the French and Italian Riviera , as well as in Monaco during the summer and the French Alps during winter. Nevertheless, during winter time we still offer our services at the Côte d’Azur. We additionally provide private flights from and to specific landing spots in Switzerland . We can arrange exclusive charter flights from airports or any other landing spots to accommodate your needs (e.g. your home, your yacht, your favourite restaurant, golf club or hotel).


Our luxury fleet of helicopters transfers you with safety and style to any landing spots you desire and help you save time .


The safety of our clients is our number one priority. Our pilots receive special training and our ground personnel deploy all necessary measures to guarantee safety and security on the ground (boarding, maintenance etc) and on the air.


At HELI SECURITE you receive a complete package of services when you buy a new helicopter but also when you maintain one. In fact, we provide turnkey management services. We also provide professional training for your staff or for your own pleasure.


With strategic helicopter bases; at Grimaud - Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Monaco and at Annecy, Courchevel in the French Alps, we provide quality charter flight and maintenance services to all our clients.


Travel with elegance and style, choose HELI SECURITE.



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HELISECURITE: the number one of riviera helicopter transportation

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